Discrete and respectful community observation

In this assignment, you will conduct a discrete and respectful community observation of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Locate and attend a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in your area. Explain to the meeting leader that you are a nursing student studying community resources. Write a two-page summary of your experience describing the clientèle (be sure to respect members’ anonymity), the meeting, and the topics discussed. Apply your nursing knowledge to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of this particular resource. You will be graded on the comprehensiveness of your observations, how well you apply your nursing knowledge to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of this resource, and on your use of APA style and formatting, spelling, and grammar. Please make certain your work is well-written and meets the requirements.


For your final case study, download and read the attached case study.  Once completed, answer the three questions at the end of the case.

Your paper should be in APA 6th edition format and should answer all three questions completely with rationale and literature support.  Each new heading will depict the question being answered.  Your paper should be within 4-6 pages, not including your cover page and references page.  You will  be required to provide and use a minimum of 3 peer reviewed references, with the oldest being from 2014.


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