Identify and characterize the hazards

Using the hazard analysis tools conduct a hazard analysis of your community. Based on your analysis, write a 5–10 page paper describing the high and moderate hazards you identified. Follow these steps:

· Identify and characterize the hazards

· Evaluate each hazard for severity and frequency

· Estimate the risk

· Determine the societal and economic (direct) effects and the indirect effects or costs

· Determine the acceptable level of risk

· Identify risk-reduction opportunities

Include the actions the local emergency management organization should take to mitigate the hazards, with a comment as to how the hazards would impact vulnerable populations and critical infrastructure if not mitigated. Be sure to include a hazard ranking. Discuss preparations that should be made in the community to safeguard lives and property in the event of a natural or man-made emergency or disaster related to the hazards.


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